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Kelley Stoltz - My Regime [LP] (Vinyl)

Kelley Stoltz enters his 20th year in the record business with the release of his tenth full-length album, My Regime. This will be his second release for the Spanish label Banana & Louie after prior albums on Castleface, Third Man Records, and Sub Pop. A long-time DIY, home recording multi-instrumentalist, Stoltz again engineers, mixes, and plays all the instruments on the album and his unique brand of '60s/'80s pop, garage-rock, and folk sounds seem to have gotten better with age. My Regime was recorded during an emotional year that saw him get engaged to marry, his father pass away, and his tenure as rhythm guitarist with longtime heroes Echo & the Bunnymen come to an end. Jovial and reflective moods ensued and were put to tape by Stoltz in his Electric Duck Studios at home in San Francisco. The first single ''Turning Into You'' ponders the delight and soul connections of love, while ''2020'' asks ''have you got what you need to ride it out... I wish I could see peace in 2020'', in reference to the chaotic politics at home. ''Fire On Fire'' was written with his Dad on his mind, and is a big beat slow burner reminiscent of The Church's Starfish years (1988).
A1. Sister
A2. 2020
A3. Turning Into You
A4. My Regime
A5. Uh Oh
A6. Good To See You
B1. Your Life
B2. Perfect Stranger
B3. Fire On Fire
B4. Baby, Be Good To Me
B5. Zonked
B6. Things Go Bump