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Johnnie Taylor - Who's Making Love [LP] (180 Gram, analog remastered) (Vinyl)

In 1968, Johnnie Taylor's provocative single, ''Who's Making Love'' gave the newly independent Stax Records its first major hit. The song peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and helped to bolster the label's profile. The album Who's Making Love was released months later, and not only featured the title track but also an irresistible collection of bluesy songs penned by Booker T. Jones, Bettye Crutcher, Steve Cropper and the inimitable team of Isaac Hayes and David Porter.

* Highlights from the passionate singer's performance include the melancholic ''Can't Trust Your Neighbor,'' the hopeful ''Hold on This Time'' and single ''Take Care of Your Homework.''
* ALL-ANALOG mastering by Jeff Powell at Take Out Vinyl
* 180-gram vinyl pressed at Memphis Record Pressing
* Classic tip-on jacket

Side A

1. Who's Making Love
2. I'm Not The Same Person
3. Hold On This Time
4. Woman Across The River
5. Can't Trust Your Neighbor
6. Take Care Of Your Homework

Side B

1. I'm Trying
2. Poor Make Believer
3. Payback Hurts
4. Mr. Nobody Is Somebody Now
5. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water