Joe Hisaishi - Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind: Image Album (Tori No Hito) [LP] (Japanese import)

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A collection of works which can be said as the origin of film music in Nausicaa created before film production based on the image of the original comics. Jacket image is a ''Torumakian Soldier'' illustrated by director Hayao Miyazaki for appendix poster for Animage. With 4 pages of illustrations.

Side A
01. Wind legend
02. To the far place ... (~ Nausicaa's theme ~)
03. Meve
04. Majin soldier - Torumecian army - His Highness
05. Corroded sea
Side B
06. Royal mortal
07. Return of the Demon Army
08. combat
09. The way to the valley
Ten. Distant days (~ Nausicaa's theme ~)
11. Bird people (~ Nausicaa theme ~)