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Jesper Kyd - Hitman: The Critical Collection (Soundtrack) [4LP] (, bonus tracks, limited to 2000) (Vinyl)

* Limited Edition of 2000

* 4 killer soundtracks - together for the first time!

* Distinct fusion of opera and electronica, feat. live orchestra + choir

* Tracklist hand-picked by BAFTA award-winning composer Jesper Kyd

* Includes Full Digital Download + Bonus Tracks Never-Before on Vinyl

* Expertly Mastered by Infrasonic Sound, exclusively for vinyl

* Album Art by Drew Wise

* Tracklist subject to change

, Main Title (Extended Version)
, Hong Kong Themes
, Hotel Themes
, Jungle Exploration
, Dark Jungle
, Harbor Themes
, Hospital Themes
, Hitman 2 Main Title
, Waiting for Action
, Action Begins
, 47 Makes a Decision
, The Penthouse
, Japanese Mansion
, Japanese Snow Castle
, Streets of India
, Mission in India
, Desert Sun
, Arabian Dance
, 47 in St. Petersberg
, Trouble in Russia
, The Setup
, End Boss
, Fast Ambience
, Exploration
, Action
, White Room & Main Title
, SWAT Team
, Hong Kong Underground
, Slaughter Club
, Detected
, Winter Night
, Invader
, Sanitarium
, Budapest Bath Hotel
, Apocalypse
, Secret Invasion
, Before The Storm
, Attacks
, Hunter
, Action in Paris
, Amb Zone
, Night Time in New Orleans
, Vegas
, Rocky Mountains
, Main Title
, Funeral

For the last three years, iam8bit has been covertly collaborating with developer IO Interactive and legendary composer, Jesper Kyd, on one of our most ambitious releases to date. Hitman: The Critical Collection is unlike any videogame soundtrack you've listened to - a cathartic fusion of opera and electronica, weaving together timeless classics with a distinctly modern sensibility that only Kyd could conjure. For the first time ever, the scores from the original four Hitman games (Hitman: Codename 47; Hitman 2: Silent Assassin; Hitman: Contracts; and Hitman: Blood Money) have been expertly mastered exclusively for vinyl. And as a tribute to Agent 47's distinct fashion sensibilities, we've tailor-fit the 4xLP in a highly custom, limited edition quad-fold package, unlike anything else in your aural arsenal.