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Jeremiah Jae - DAFFI (2XLP) (Vinyl)

Jeremiah Jae (aka Black Daffi) is an experimental hip-hop artist born and raised on the south side of Chicago. He is a visual artist, producer, emcee and founding member of Black Jungle Squad, a music collective consisting of close friends and family. Early works by Jae dating back to 2007, display his unique style and approach to crafting his own version of "hip-hop". The genre is one of many foundations the artist uses to communicate his range of styles as shown on previous self-released albums, compilations and collaborations (Holy Smoke, Oliver The 2nd, L'Orange, CohenBeats, PBDY), as well as praiseworthy offerings on Brainfeeder and Warp Records. With his newest solo album DAFFI, Jae expands on his production and speaks in the persona of his alter ego to express a darker side. The 16-track self-produced album was recorded in both Chicago and his Los Angeles home studio The Black Light. Contributions by fellow Black Jungle Squad brethren Oliver The 2nd ("Backpacks"), The Koreatown Oddity ("Figure Skating"), Busdriver ("In Da Zone"), Karenbe ("All Me"), and his legendary band leader and musician father Robert Irving III ("Nefertiti") help carry the album to exalted heights and somber lows. It is with much merit for anyone to experience such a wide range of emotions, yet return to an even heightened state of artistry with such artistic beauty and grace. Jeremiah Jae's DAFFI will be released with Los Angeles artist crew HIT+RUN assisting with the glorious double vinyl offering (plus 16-page full-color art book featuring stunning supplementary graphic work by Jae) with collectible one-of-a-kind screenprinted jackets. All of the double 12" vinyl of this modern classic include five bonus tracks ("Bells", "Field", "Harpoon", "Know You" ft. Trent Truce, and a Jae remix of "Streetwatchers") not available on the digital release.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Daffi (Intro)
  2. All Me (FT. Habebe)
  3. Payne
  4. Summer School
  5. Scottiebeams
  6. Streetwatchers
  7. Figureskating (FT. the Koreatown Oddity)
  8. Runnin
  9. Backpacks (FT. Oliver the 2nd)
  10. Nefertiti (FT. Robert Irving III)
  11. Memo
  12. In Da Zone (FT. Busdriver)
  13. In the Cold
  14. Rise
  15. Oldways
  16. Da Low End
  17. Harpoon (Bonus)
  18. Bells (Bonus)
  19. Know You (FT. Trent Truce) (Bonus)
  20. Streetwatchers Remix (Bonus)