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Jeffrey Lewis - Bad Wiring [LP] (Vinyl)

Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage (NYC) play a brilliant style of scuzzy urban indie-rock-folk, like a 21st Century mash-up of Sonic Youth, Pete Seeger and R. Crumb. Born and raised New Yorker Jeffrey has kept up a regular touring schedule around the world ever since 2002, as well as playing as the opening act for bands like the Mountain Goats, Daniel Johnston, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Dinosaur Jr, The Fall, Dr. Dog, Pulp, Roky Erickson, The Vaselines, and more. Jeffrey has released eight critically acclaimed albums and continues to self-publish his art and writing in an ongoing underground comic book series called Fuff. Current bandmates the Voltage are Brent (Moldy Peaches) Cole on drums and Mem (Cat Tatt) Pahl on bass and keys.
1. Exactly What Nobody Wanted 03:57
2. Except For the Fact That it Isn't 02:41
3. My Girlfriend Doesn't Worry 04:55
4. Depression! Despair! 04:14
5. Till Question Marks Are Told 04:02
6. LPs 04:14
7. Knucklehead/Happy Rain 01:29
8. Take it For Granted 02:06
9. In Certain Orders 03:25
10. Where Is the Machine 02:34
11. Dogs of My Neighborhood 02:14
12. Not Supposed to be Wise 05:34