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Jaw Gems - Heatweaver Remixes (CD)

2017 release. Jaw Gems presents Heatweaver Remixes on Alpha Pup Records, the debut release on the LA label for the group of four breakbeat instrumentalists. Gathering together a powerful collection of rappers and producers, this riveting remix album gives fans and new listeners a lush invitation into Jaw Gems' richly designed, game-changing sound. With intertwined melodies and elaborate sample work, the original Heatweaver album (released August 2016) is boldly crafted at the convergence of beat music, indie rock, and experimental electronic jams. It's warped sonics and powerful grooves feel incredibly modern, layered with color and soul. Alpha Pup is re-releasing Heatweaver in conjunction with Heatweaver Remixes, a full album with guest remixes of each original song, launching an expansive new era for the group. Old friends, new friends, friends from the road - Heatweaver Remixes is stacked with Jaw Gems' favorite beatmakers. "Some of the tracks were remixed by people we've known since we were kids and other tracks were done by people we've connected with over the past couple years of touring," relates DJ Moore (drums.)