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James Gang - James Gang Rides Again [LP] (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, limited/numbered to 4000)

Joe Walsh-Led James Gang Balances Edgy Hard Rock and Country-Tinged Ballads on 1970 Classic: Rides Again a Near-Flawless Example of Earnest 70s Music and Organic Synergy

Mastered from the Original Master Tapes and Strictly Limited to 4000 Numbered Copies: Mobile Fidelity 180g Vinyl LP Present the Band's Boogies with Full-Scale Detail

A Power Trio Template for All Times: Rides Again Features the Radio Favorite ''Funk #49'' and Multi-Part ''The Bomber''

Led by future Eagle Joe Walsh, James Gang establishes a power trio template for all times on its 1970 sophomore album. Home to the top-down favorite ''Funk #49,'' the set sparks with a stylistic versatility, hard-rocking edge, and balladic vulnerability united by tight-knit musicianship. The quartet's penchant for crunch-laden boogies and focused jamming pours out on the first half of the record before the band pulls its trick bag out on the second half and injects keyboards into the creatively varied mix. From start to finish, Rides Again is a 70s rock classic. The trio's synergy clicks at every turn. Created before Walsh's departure changed the group's fortunes, Rides Again survives as a near-flawless example of earnest 70s music and organic playing.

Recorded at the then-brand-new Record Plant, the songs sound more authoritative and fun than ever before on Mobile Fidelity's reissues. Mastered from the original analog tapes and strictly limited to 4000 numbered copies, this 180g LP teem with involving textures, details, and depth hidden from view on prior pressings. The dimensional body and weight of the guitars, probing low end of Dale Peters' bass lines, reedy timbre of Walsh's singing, and pacing of the crisp percussive cues are all enhanced. Increased separation between the instruments and more open soundstaging add to the record's toe-tapping fun and unlimited groove quotient. To paraphrase ''Funk #49,'' you know where you're going!

Track List
1. Funk #49
2. Asshtonpark
3. Woman
4. The Bomber
5. Tend My Garden
6. Garden Gate
7. There I Go Again
8. Thanks