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Jabrjaw & DJ Dee Dubbs - Cut Creators b/w Songs Like These [12''] (reissue) (Vinyl) LP

Reissue of phat South Florida underground hip hop joint.

Originally Released: 11/1/08

FOR FANS OF: Gang Starr, Beatnuts, A Tribe Called Quest

Side A.
1. Cut Creators Vocal
93 bpm. Straight underground hip-hop banger in the tradition of the greats like Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, etc. This track features Jabrjaw's seamless flow in a call and response format with DJ ''Cut Creator'' Dee Dubbs.
2. Cut Creators Instrumental
Instrumental version of track one with an emphasis on scratching. An array of scratch samples and DJ tools towards the beat's end. A must have for any tuntablist!
3. Dubbs Bonus Beat
Classic hip-hop pure and simple, excellent break beat for beat juggling and scratch routines with a lot of change ups for easy battle dropping.
4. Dookie Rope Raps
Instrumental version of the unreleased track. Mainly for use by artists in live shows. More pure hip-hop that's so refreshing to the ear.

Side B.
1. Songs Like These Vocal
Grimy soul samples give this track an undeniable vibe. Another classic low tempo number with superb lyrical finesse that makes this track a must have for any true hip-hop listener complete with trademark turntable terrorism by DJ Dee Dubbs.
2. Songs Like These Instrumental
Instrumental version.
3. Dunks and a Portable Instrumental
Another instrumental version of an unreleased joint for live show use with a more up-tempo party vibe.
4. Bonus Cuts
More stabs and scratch samples because we got love for the DJ's and vinyl junkies!