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Ingrid Michaelson - Girls And Boys [LP]

'Girls And Boys'' is the second studio album from Ingrid Michaelson, self-released in May 2006. Features hits like
‘The Way I Am’ and ‘Breakable’, both of which were used on prominent episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Early on in
‘Breakable’, Michaelson muses on the fragility of the heart, in both the literal and symbolic senses- ''have you ever
thought about what protects our hearts-just a cage of rib bones and other various parts...we are just breakable girls
and boys.''

Track Listing
1.Die Alone, 2.Masochist, 3.Breakable, 4.The Hat, 5.The Way I Am, 6.Overboard 7.Glass, 1.Starting Now,
2.Corner of Your Heart, 3.December Baby, 4.Highway, 5.Far Away