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Hipshakes, The - Wasted Life [7''] (EP) (Vinyl)

After a recording hiatus that's left us with the DT's, English punk lords THE HIPSHAKES have graced us with five new blasts of spasticated slop! Rivaling their legendary debut e.p. (also on Slovenly, sho 'nuff!), these ''Wasted Life'' tracks show that our favorite delinquent crew have no intention of maturing, and this 45 is sure to be heralded as THEE punk e.p. of the year!

Originally Released: 2010

A1 Wasted Time 1:44
A2 I'm Alright 1:13
B1 I Hate Hipshakes 0:24
B2 Stuck In This Life 1:02
B3 Days Of Destiny 1:47