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Higher State, The - The Higher State [LP] (mono) (Vinyl)

Here it is, right on time, the new album from the Higher State! On their latest album, their third full-length for 13 O' Clock Records, the group turns things back a notch for a bit more stripped-down approach, and in essence by self-titling their latest album, debuts themselves again with twelve new originals, all of which clock in under the three minute mark. Streamlined and simple, yet delivering the goods as usual, with their signature, bedrock sound meshing folk-punk with garage-psychedelia, thoroughly laced with their top-shelf vocal harmonies and insightful, thought-provoking lyrics, delving and probing into the why, how, and what for of the current ''state'' of the human condition. The whole affair brought to you in glorious, no fuss, no muss MONO for greatest potency! Yet another fantastic testament from one of the UK's finest contemporary groups!

''The Higher State are far more than a pudding bowl re-creation. They're a valid voice of the New Bohemia; Time bandits who have shared cokes 'n smokes with Gene Clark and Roky!'' - Jon ''Mojo'' Mills, Shindig! Magazine

''Featuring ex-members of two great but now-deceased combos, the Mystreated and the Embrooks, the Higher State channel American garage and psych circa 1966-68 and do it exceptionally well.'' - Mike Stax, Ugly Things Magazine


1. Need To Shine
2. Jagged Words
3. Why Don't You Prove It
4. You've Drifted Far
5. No Feeling At All
6. Sky clears To Blue

1. Potentially (Everyone Is Your Enemy)
2. I'm Going Home Now
3. What Is The Deal
4. They Walk Away
5. Someone There
6. Try Slowing Down