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Henry Mancini - Charade (Soundtrack) [LP] (import) (Vinyl)

Henry Mancini's 1963 soundtrack provides an easy listening tour of continental
musical history: Parisian caf? songs on ''Bistro,'' Eastern European gypsy music on
''Bateau Mouche,'' Schubert quartets on ''Bye Charlie,'' and some beer barrel
polka on ''Punch and Judy.'' Thrown in for variety's sake are dashes of Bond
soundtracks, Cossack songs, and Strauss waltzes. Mancini also shows his south
of the border touch on ''Mambo Parisienne'' (picture Perez Prado sporting an
accordion), ''Latin Snowfall'' (transcendentally gorgeous bolero, one of his best),
and ''M?g?ve'' (bossa nova for the Biarritz set). Also don't overlook one of his
biggest hits and finest melodies, ''Charade.''
A1. Charade (Main Title)
A2. Bistro
A3. Bateau Mouche
A4. M?g?ve
A5. Bye Bye Charlie
A6. The Happy Carousel
B1. Charade (Vocal)
B2. Orange Tamour?
B3. Latin Snowfall
B4. The Drip-Dry Waltz
B5. Mambo Parisienne
B6. Punch and Judy
B7. Charade (Carousel)