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Headlock - Gang Nativity (10'') (Vinyl) LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Born from swampy house party revolutions in Portland and meeting somewhere at the intersection of concept art and hip-hop, rap duo Headlock are a well-loved slice of the Tucson music community. Triceratop plays the beats, Illslur puts down the raps, and together they've created "shredrap" a sound from dollar bin records, abandoned effects pedals, thrifted drum machines, heavy psych borrows and a VCR. They sound like a broken mirror without the seven years of bad luck. While the fuzzy, almost abrasive production screams intensity, Headlock draw from wide inspiration and land somewhere near the intersection of Ill Communication x Ex Military. Headlock's new self-produced six-song EP Gang Nativity is released worldwide on via Hit+Run. 10 inch Vinyl LP DON'T JUST LISTEN TO MUSIC EXPERIENCE IT.