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Harry Manfredini - House 1 & 2 (Soundtrack) [2LP] (180 Gram, 'Crystal Skull' Clear With Blue Smoke Colored Vinyl, remastered, gatefold)

Waxwork Records is excited to kick off the Halloween season with their deluxe double album vinyl release of HOUSE 1 & 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtracks. Composed by Harry Manfredini (Friday the 13th) the soundtracks to both House 1 & 2 are perfect for setting the appropriately spooky, yet whimsical mood at your Halloween party... or at any other time of the year!

House 1 & 2 are both bonafide 1980's campy B-Movie-Horror at it's finest. Waxwork Records is thrilled to have again teamed up with composer Harry Manfredini to acquire the original soundtracks to both cult-classic films, and re-master the complete recordings for vinyl. The deluxe double LP release marks Waxwork Records' very first double soundtrack album. Disc 1 of the set features the re-mastered1986 soundtrack to HOUSE, and Disc 2 features the re-mastered 1987 soundtrack to HOUSE 2: The Second Story.

HOUSE 1 & 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtracks features include 180 gram colored vinyl, deluxe packaging, old-style tip on gatefold jackets, re-mastered audio, and all new artwork by Gary Pullin.

The packaging layout of the album also features another first for Waxwork Records with the inclusion of a vertically illustrated inner gatefold jacket.

* 180 gram 2xLP ''Crystal Skull'' colored vinyl (Crystal Clear Vinyl with Blue Smoke)
* Remastered for vinyl
* Deluxe packaging
* Old style gatefold jacket with vertically illustrated artwork
* All new art by Gary Pullin

A1. Opening Titles A2. The Abduction A3. Hey, Rog! A4. A Fiery SandyWitch A5. Ding-Bat Attack A6. 2nd Hand A7. Viet Memories / The Chimney B8. Big Ben Chase B9. Cujo The Racoon B10. Viet Rescue B11. TransparAuntie B12. Roger Gets A Hand B13. Close Shave C1. Opening Titles C2. An Alternate Universe C3. Avast Ye Aztecs C4. There's A Jungle In There! C5. Skulldiggery C6. Lookin' For The Varmit Who Shot My Paw D7. Arnold The Barbarian D8. Ptera, Ptera, Ptera D9. I Love You, Gramps D10. A Rare Commodity D11. Finale Grande D12. Final Credits