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Harlem Gospel Travelers - He's On Time [LP] (Clear Colored Vinyl)

The Harlem Gospel Travelers are not from Harlem. They came to Harlem, however, from far-flung corners of the five boroughs of New York City, and it was in Harlem, that legendary center of AfricanAmerican culture, that they found their voices. As members of the music education program Gospel For Teens, these young men spent many hours on the subway or the bus to ultimately end up at an unassuming brownstone on W. 126th Street. They walked through the red door at the parlor level, the one with the cross on it, and inside they found a world of music. Gospel music.
With Eli ''Paperboy'' Reed as their teacher, his job wasn't to teach them how to sing. They already knew how to sing. His job was to teach them the power of their voices by studying the masters of gospel. They quickly moved from imitation to creation. 'He's On Time' is a distillation of their hard work in the form of their debut album.
Each member gets a chance to lead (the youngest member being 18, the oldest just 21) each with their own style. The goal of their album is simple: to glorify the name of God and sing His praises. It is a record full of joy and sure to uplift!

TRACKS 1. Oh Yes He Will 2. Am I Doing Enough? 3. Motherless Child 4. He's On Time 5. If You Can't Make It Through A Storm 6. On The Right Road 7. Wash Me, Lord 8. Do You Know Him? 9. Brighter Day 10. Shine On Me