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Happyness - Write In [LP] (Vinyl)

Happyness' debut, Weird Little Birthday, was filled with their spirited take on US college rock. It landed on numerous year end best of lists and even won them the coveted NME award for Best Lyric of the Year for the song ''Montreal Rock Band Somewhere.'' Staying rooted in their slacker approach that has endeared them to fans around the world, Happyness' sophomore effort Write In, seems to be a little more piano driven drawing inspiration from unlikely muses including Randy Newman, Roxy Music and Brute Force.

Side A:
01 Falling Down
02 The Reel Start Again (Man As Ostrich)
03 Anytime
04 Through Windows
05 Uptrend/Style Raids
Side B:
01 Bigger Glass Less Full
02 Victor Lazzaro's Heart
03 Anna, Lisa Calls
04 The C Is A B A G
05 Tunnel Vision On Your Part