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Haden Triplets, The - The Haden Triplets [CD] (digipak)

Third Man Records is proud to present the debut album from The Haden
Triplets. These are songs steeped in history and sung in a close harmony
that could only be achieved from sharing a lifetime of sisterly togetherness
and a near psychic vocal interplay that can only come from being born mere
seconds apart from each other. It's been rendered and produced beautifully
by American music legend Ry Cooder.

This is an album expanding on an American musical tradition. It is not pastiche
or a tribute, but rather a direct antecedent and extension of the original folk
legacy that is being exhibited within these songs.

Here's a little more about it in the Haden's own words.

During our early life, we were surrounded by music on both sides of our family.
We visited our dad's family in Missouri, where they taught us old country songs
they used to perform on the radio as The Haden Family. Our grandparents on
our mother's side used to sing us to sleep with old Yiddish songs. Growing up,
we often had music playing in the house, whether it be our mom playing Billie
Holiday and Nina Simone records, or our dad playing Keith Jarrett and Ornette
Coleman in the living room.

We met Ry when we played with his son Joachim, and Joachim asked him
if he'd sit in for our show. Once Ry heard we were singing ''Voice From On
High'' by Bill Monroe, he was in right away. The next day we got a call from
Ry suggesting we record an album. We wrote down a collection of songs we
all liked, then narrowed it down to the music that became the Haden Triplets
album. These songs are rich in history, and by recording them we hope to
help keep them alive. - Tanya, Rachel & Petra Haden

* produced by Ry Cooder (Buena Vista Social Club, Captain Beefheart's Magic
Band, Paris, Texas)
* mixed by Martin Pradler (Robbie Robertson, Mavis Staples, Buddy Guy)
* covering songs originally by the Carter Family, Nick Lowe, Bill Monroe,
the Louvin Brothers and more

1. Slowly I'm Falling
2. Single Girl, Married Girl
3. Voice from on High
4. Memories of Mother and Dad
5. Raining
6. Making Believe
7. When I Stop Dreaming
8. My Baby's Gone
9. Billy Bee
10. A Tiny Broken Heart
11. On a Lonesome Night
12. Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?
13. Oh Take Me Back