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H - H [LP] (Vinyl)

LP version. A weather station produces music: all antennas extended, barometers and thermometers on bearing. A mobile made of sound pipes tingles a modal hard-bop pattern in the wind tunnel, in dialog with a roaring screech of owls and rhythmically pounding hailstones... What kind of threatening backdrop is this? Something is wrong here. Nature is in trouble, or are the measuring instruments going crazy? In any case, that's not the kind of screech of an owl we know. The owl is evil, it is hungry! Mountain air does help. So does the high-altitude sun. Or... a bit of vitaminology. Of course, everything is completely different. The supposed weather station is the Echokammer, a studio biotope operated by Albert Poschl in Munich Giesing. Leo Hopfinger (LeRoy) and Tom Simonetti (Mycrotom), went there to work on new tracks for their indie disco wild style duo Rhythm Police... and one of those lucky accidents happened, which scientists always rave about when they encounter a previously unknown substance. Just as Poschl's namesake Albert Hofmann opened the gates of perception in a self-experiment, the three laboratory assistants Hopfinger/Poschl/Simonetti came across the element H to see it roll out of the Rhythm Police in the splitting process of an isolated condensation -- hadn't there always been an ''H'' missing over the ten-year existence of the band name? Well then, H is there, and with the old name, the disco party is gone.
01. Vitamin
02. Alpensee
03. Am Zug
04. So Kommt Man Weiter (Vitamin B / Reprise)
05. Im Keller
06. w = f mal s
07. Nebenan Zieht's
08. Internationaler Tiefbau
09. Alle 11 Minuten