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Guillermo Portabales - El Carretero [LP] (Vinyl)

Guillermo Portabales (1911-1970) was a unique performer of the Cuban guajira rhythm, whose influence and popularity has reached far beyond his native Cuba to North & South America and West Africa. His music had a significant influence on the artists who eventually came together as Buena Vista Social Club (a cover of one of his most famous songs 'El Carretero' features on the multi-million selling Buena Vista Social Club album), as well as notable Senegalese artists Orchestra Baobab and Cheikh Lo. This collection of his classic 60s recordings was compiled by Nick Gold specifically for release on World Circuit in 1996. It has now been remastered specially for this first ever LP release, alongside new CD & digital formats.


Full Length Vinyl 1

Side A Side B

01 El Carretero
02 Cumbiamba
03 Junto a Un Canaveral
04 Nostalgia Guajira
05 Tristeza Guajira
06 Yo te Canto Puerto Rico
07 Lamento Cubano
08 Guateque Campesino

01 Oye mi Son
02 Al Vaiven de Mi Carreta
03 Voy a Santiago a Morirme
04 Romance Guajiro
05 El Amor de mi Bohio
06 El Arroyo que Murmura
07 Cuando Sali de Cuba
08 Flor de Amor