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Grip Weeds, The - Trip Around The Sun [LP] (Vinyl)

New Jersey's The Grip Weeds release their seventh studio album Trip Around The Sun, their second for Jem Records, and the follow-up to their acclaimed 2015 release How I Won The War. The Grip Weeds turn in the most varied collection of songs in their decades-long history. Echoes of sunshine pop (''Vibrations''), psychedelic garage rock (''Mr. Nervous''), biting social commentary (''Casual Observer (To A Crime)''), vintage folk rock (''Truth Behind The Lie''), and the riff-driven rock of the epic title cut, all with The Grip Weeds trademark melodic songwriting, powerful guitars and rhythm, and close harmony vocals. A fine place for new fans to discover what longtime fans have always known: The Grip Weeds are a timeless band with a new album made for these times.