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Grime-n & Starfunkle - Sushi Breaks (LP) (Vinyl)

Limited vinyl LP pressing. Break records are being released at an astounding rate. Yet most of the sounds and samples used are just the same recycled material from the last dozen break albums. This leaves the DJ who is looking for new material to create with, disappointed. That is... until the arrival of Grime-n & Starfunkle's Sushi Breaks, a break record that is the compilation of a decade's worth of crate digging, sampling and beat making. Featuring all new production from an international array of renowned hip hop DJs and producers. Each track of beats is set to single BPM, letting the DJ juggle endless sets with no need for sudden pitch adjusts, giving maximum creativity to battles routines. Sushi Breaks is chock full of original sounds and samples not used on previous break albums, offering the DJ a whole new tool box of scratch to paint their sound canvas with. Pressed at maximum groove depths, Sushi Breaks keeps the needle where it's supposed to be, so you can do your best work without interruption.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Don't Touch My Mustache
  2. Spicy Tuna Baby Cuts
  3. Deep in the Ginza District
  4. Crispy California Roll Cuts
  5. Chopstick in Your Eye, Mother Father
  6. Drunken Ping Pong Paddle Battle
  7. Angry Udon Cuts
  8. The Bullet Train Breaks
  9. Hot Sake Sister Cuts
  10. Dragon Balls of Fury