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Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown [LP] (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, limited)

Gordon Lightfoot will be celebrating his five decades of classic songs and albums with his 2015 concert tour this year. The groundbreaking tour will be taking him throughout the United States and Canada, and Friday Music is proud to be a part of the celebration with one of his greatest masterworks, Sundown. This new impeccably mastered 180 Gram Audiophile LP features all of his definitive classics. His most famous and revered tunes are all included like Sundown, Seven Island Suite and of course Carefree Highway. This audiophile event contains even more of his most loved classics like Too Late for Prayin', High and Dry and his holiday classic Circle of Steel. Produced by Lenny Waronker and featuring the arrangement and musical orchestrations of the late great Nick De Caro, Sundown would go on to become one of Gordon Lightfoot's biggest selling albums of his career. For a very limited time, we are also enhancing your listening enjoyment with the original classic LP cover artwork, which hasn't been available for years. Mastered by Joe Reagoso from the original Reprise Records tapes at Friday Music Studios and Capitol Mastering in Hollywood, Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown will be one of the more anticipated classic singer/songwriter albums in the audiophile vinyl domain in some time. Gordon Lightfoot... Sundown... Celebrate 5 Decades of the voice, the songs, the musicianship and the memories... 1st Time Audiophile Vinyl... An exclusive... Only from your friends at Friday Music. Carefree Highway... Side One: 1. Somewhere U.S.A. 2. High and Dry 3. Seven Island Suite 4. Circle of Steel 5. Is There Anyone Home? Side Two: 1. The Watchman's Gone 2. Sundown 3. Carefree Highway 4. The List 5. Too Late for Prayin'