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Good Charlotte - Generation Rx [LP] (gatefold, ) (Vinyl)

Formed in the mid-90s, GOOD CHARLOTTE have six albums and two collaborations under their belt. The band was integral in establishing a global critical mass for the pop-punk genre. The group's 2000 selftitled debut laid the foundation with the singles ''LITTLE THINGS'' and ''FESTIVAL SONG''. Then in 2002, the band's breakthrough success of THE YOUNG AND THE HOPELESS catapulted pop-punk into the stratosphere and set them on the path to worldwide superstardom. The group followed with multi-platinum albums including THE CHRONICLES OF LIFE AND DEATH (2004) and GOOD MORNING REVIVAL (2007). Following their release of CARDIOLOGY (2010,) the group needed to take a breather. ''We had grown up inside of the band and it was all we knew,'' Benji says. ''We all needed to step away to fi nd out who we were outside of it as well as do some growing personally.''

The drive resurfaced in 2014, after working with the Australian poppunk group 5 Seconds of Summer reminded Benji and Joel how much fun they'd had in their own band. In 2016 they released a new album YOUTH AUTHORITY and toured around the world throughout 2016 and 2017. After writing a collection of songs for their next release, the band realized that the subject matter had taken a serious turn. The songs on GENERATION RX cover a range of deeply personal subjects, with an underling theme touching on the disconnection and hopelessness that seems to be prevalent with youth these days. The band is gearing up for more worldwide touring to support the release and is excited to get back out and connect with their fanbase through the new music.

* Generation Rx
* Self Help
* Shadowboxer
* Actual Pain
* Prayers
* Cold Song
* Leech (Ft. Sam Carter)
* Better Demons
* California (The Way I Say I Love You)