Giorgio Moroder - Einzelganger [LP] (rare 1975 debut, white-label, very limited, import)

Super collectable Giorgio Moroder album performing as Einzelg?nger (German for Individualist). This one-off project from 1975 provides a look into Moroder's experimental side of his disco synth. Luckily someone has provided us a chance to offer these limited promos thought long lost.

Artist: Einzelg?nger
Album: Einzelg?nger
Songwriter: Giorgio Moroder
Producer: Giorgio Moroder
Label: Oasis
Release Date: September 1975

A1. Einzelg?nger (4:37)
A2. Aus (The End) (6:52)
A3. Warum (Why) (3:08)
A4. Percussiv (3:58)
B1. Good Old Germany (5:08)
B2. Basslich (2:50)
B3. Untergang (Ruin) (5:10)
B4. Liebes-Arie (Love Song) (4:48)
B5. Einzelganger (1:54)