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.Gif From God - Approximation_Of_A_Human [LP] (Vinyl)

.gif from god describe themselves as “serious yet playful”, practicing a cold, calculating blend of grind and metalcore absurdity designed to act as a vehicle for their ominous propaganda. On their upcoming Prosthetic debut, a 12-song album titled approximation_of_a_human , the Virginians demonstrate a surgical command of their ruthless and chaotic sound. The album was recorded and mixed at Viva Studios by Matt Michel, and mastered by Lance Koehler at Minimum Wage Recording. While their tongue-in-cheek song titles give away an oddball sense of humor, the lyrics beneath often detail a harsh, grim reality; the demons that haunt them, and the personal struggles to exorcise the ones within themselves. Explicitly political in its mission, the six-headed collective prefers to eschew labels, and express its beliefs not just though lyrics but the causes and activist organizations they have fundraised for as individuals and a group.


no dude...he STILL likes to spray
possible futures in the minds of children
kevin fell down the lube well...the perfect trap...gg kevin
what's the BP2BB?
cincinnatically speaking...
take the flesh, make it stretchy
living off the corpse of the old world
sassafras manassas ass
when you yell at me, make sure it hurts my feelings
when you yell at me, make sure it hurts my feelings