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Garland Records - Pacific Northwest Stash Box [LP] (Green Vinyl)

Stash Box LP blurb: Unreleased dank garage PNW nugs! From the thriving hotbed of sixties garage and psychedelia of the PNW and Salem's orphic Garland Records comes this potent cache of rare and previously unreleased recordings. Chiefly composed of moody and mellow folk rockers and ethereal groovers, there are also a few far-out, heady reconstructions of familiar faves. Be warned, these hooks are very sticky!
01. What Goes Up, Must Come Down - Fatt Twice Together 02. Grey Day - The Wild Side 03. Cathy's Clown - STOP 04. Keep On Looking - The Ultimate 05. Rainy Day Sunshine - Barney Boogie And The American Eagle 06. Forest Of Two Trees - The Other Side 07. We'll Meet Again - TYME 08. Parousia - LAWE 09. Maybe Today - Tim Culbertson 10. She'd Rather Be With Me - The Wild Side 11. Life Laced Leaf - Inner Circle 12. Tears - The New Dawn 13. Part Time Love - Will Logan 14. Goodbye Baby - TYME