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Frut Of The Loom - One Hand In The Darkness b/w A Little Bit Of Bach [7''] (Random Black or Yellow Vinyl, reissue of rare & highly collectable 1967 single, remastered, insert, limited to 800) LP

Even though The Fr—åt are now best known for their fantastically tripped-out versions of fifties standards like 'Running Bear', the importance of the Fr—åt of The Loom could never be understated. After all, this was the very band that opened for The Jimi Hendrix Experience at the IMA Auditorium on Hendrix's first Michigan visit. Gathering at Detroit's very own United Sound Systems in 1967, the guys laid down these two tracks, presented here for the first time since then, fifty years later. Since tracking down the original master tapes was impossible (seriously, I searched for over four years!), we dragged the best possible quality rips off various copies of the original single. In the search for the tapes, we also tracked down the only original promo photo of the band (visible on the front cover), along with some live shots of the band from this era (back cover). For a band that left virtually nothing behind, we were ecstatic to track down these long-since-forgotten pieces of the band's lineage. All this being said, feel free to sit back, relax, and dig the sounds of The Fr—åt of The Loom in celebration of their fiftieth anniversary.

7'', Black Vinyl w/ Randomly Inserted Yellow Vinyl, Includes insert chronicling the history of the record, Fold Over Sleeve

A: One Hand In The Darkness/B: A Little Bit Of Bach