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Freddy King - Freddy King Goes Surfin' [LP] (Blue Vinyl)

Freddy King surfs the fretboard for a wild instrumental ride!\n\n\nSyd Nathan, impresario of Cincinnati's King Records, was the epitome of the old-school indie record label owner. Always hustling, Nathan regularly beat the odds to release hit after hit in multiple genres. He\'d try anything if he thought it might work, or more precisely, if he thought it would make money. After Chess Records turned down guitarist/vocalist Freddy King several times for sounding too much like B.B, King, Nathan thought that sound might actually be sellable and took a chance, signing Freddy to his Federal subsidiary label. They hit paydirt with an instrumental titled \Hide Away
01. Hide Away 02. Butterscotch 03. Sen-Sa-Shun 04. Side Tracked 05. The Stumble 06. Wash Out 07. San-Ho-Zay 08. Just Pickin' 09. Heads Up 10. In The Open 11. Out Front 12. Swooshy