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Francois De Roubaix - Daughters Of Darkness (Soundtrack) [CD] (digisleeve, 4 bonus tracks)

''Love is stronger than death... even than life.''

Music on Vinyl and Butler in cooperation with CTM Entertainment present the original, previously unreleased soundtrack of the 1971 Belgian cult horror/erotic vampire movie Daughters of Darkness. The soundtrack is composed by the award winning composer Francois de Roubaix and will be available on vinyl and cd for the first time.
The soundtrack consists of different musical elements and it's one of Francois' finest pieces of music. The colourful compositions support the twisted love story and the different ways the vampires interact. Years after the movie was released, the New York Hip-Hop scene discovered elements of the score and started using samples from the score in their songs, among others Ice-T, Ab-Soul and Lil Wayne. The movie has been voted by authors, directors, actors and critics as one of the top horror films of all time.
According to the critic Geoffrey O'Brien: ''Daughters of Darkness leans flamboyantly toward the artistic end of the Lesbian vampires spectrum, with Delphine Seyrig sporting Marienbad-like costumes and the Belgian director conjuring up images of luxurious decadence replete with feathers, mirrors, and long, winding hotel corridors. At the film's core, however, is a deeply unpleasant evocation of a war of nerves between Seyrig's vampire and the bourgeois newlyweds into whose honeymoon she insinuates herself.''
On September 13, Harry Kumel, the director of Daughters of Darkness, will be awarded a Lifetime Achievement award plus a golden star on the boulevard of Oostende.

The vinyl and cd package contains an exclusive poster and a printed innersleeve with liner notes, in English and French, by the son of Francois, Benjamin de Roubaix. To celebrate the re-discovery of this masterpiece, 666 numbered copies will be available on bloody-red vinyl. The cd version has 4 extra bonus tracks on top of the 18 tracks from the LP version.

01 Daughters of darkness (opening)
02 Amour sur les rails
03 Les Levres rouges
04 Arrivee au manoir
05 La Comtesse Bathory (Halo)
06 Ballade a Bruges
07 La Comtesse et l'inspecteur
08 Le Recit des tortures et des vampires
09 Valerie, Ilona et Stefaan
10 Les Dunes d'Ostende, flagellation
11 Le Baiser de la comtesse
12 La Morsure de la comtesse
13 L'Orgue et le piano fanto?mes
14 Poursuite sur les dunes d'Ostende
15 Accident et cymbalum
16 Daughters of darkness (ending)
BONUS (not used in the movie)
17 La Fanfare de Bruges
18 Dracula 68 Woodstock (Des poissons et des hommes)
19 La Nuit Sous La Mer
20 Ilona's Jazz
21 Le Rap Des Levres Rouges
22 Vampire