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Flight Reaction, The - Mourning Light / Citadel [7''] (Vinyl) LP

The Flight Reaction are back with their fourth single, their second on 13 O' Clock Records! Comprised of members of past garage greats the Crimson Shadows, The Giljoteens, The Maggots, and Les Artyfacts, the Swedish quartet drops two new doses of garage psychedelia: the moody and broody jangler Mourning Light on the A side, and their excellent, third eye tickling rendition of the Rolling Stones' Satanic Majesties nugget on the flip! Both songs properly delivered with ample amounts of swagger, fuzz, and attitude! Forget the baggage and hop on board, because this flight is ready for take off!

''Authentic sounds. Good songs. A band to watch very carefully.'' - Jon ''Mojo'' Mills, Shindig! Magazine.

''Pure garage punk psychedelic music encrusted with fuzz'' - Rock Around the Blog.