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Fireplays - Allein / Hormone [12''] (Vinyl)

* First time on 12'

Disco Segreta label announces DSM 005 Fireplays: ''Allein'' / ''Hormone'', lost Italian 1981 tracks sung in German.

Fireplays (also spelled ''Fireplais'' on second single) was the moniker chosen in 1981 by Italian producer Franco Pagliaccia for an instant-band project composed by him and a few other musicians. Original idea was to tune in with the ''dance'' era, with a band that could sing either in German, Italian or English. The discography of the band was of only two 45 singles being released. The first ,''Allein'' b/w ''Hormone'', is their first, and the only one, sporting both tracks sung in a southern German accent. Their following and last 7'', ''Lisa'' b/w ''Get Away'' was sung in English.

Unfortunately, the ''Allein'' 45, after a short promotional stage, ended up never been officially distributed, while the second release ''Lisa'' was only included in the promo distribution channels, but ended up never being commercially released, giving a no-go sign to the future of the band, as of today still surrounded by an aura of mystery.

''Allein'' b/w ''Hormone'' was released in mid-1982, and as can be clearly heard, both tracks clearly show the mutation disco as a genre started having at the very beginning of the 80s, in Europe too: a blend of electro, along with new-wavish elements and some classic era-blueprint sonic elements: synth driven melodies, filtered vocodered choruses, pads, swirling cosmic sounds, cowbells, all topped by a powerful male voice that will give genuine connoisseurs an exact era Zeitgeist, along with assured goosebumps.

To celebrate the very first ever 12'' - officially licensed and fully remastered - release of Fireplays, and stay on topic, two brutal bonus tracks made by two German DJs-producers are added on this: ''Hormone'' in the Tom Bolas club-friendly extension, and the ''Singlemann Replay'' remix of ''Allein'' made by Tiney.

, Hormone