Fingertone & Malik - Spiritual Funk to The Groove (CD)

2019 release. The first album by Fingertone (Philip Alexandrov) and Malik (Michael Fleming AKA Lexus) comes with a contemplative music that predisposes seeing and opening up to cosmic harmony. Their meeting, five years ago, turns out to be a fateful breakthrough. The idea of a joint album appears instantly. They share the same musical preferences and life philosophy and Spiritual Funk to the Groove was created out of respect for their favorite music. The album is inspired from the traditional jazz and funk music, which is not played anymore. This is a message to the artists that true music will never go away. Although it's dynamic, the album brings the peace of mind and leaves everyone alone to enjoy the hypnotic, contemplative vocals and bright music. Spiritual Funk to the Groove was created with the support of few other artists and performers - vocalists Ruth Koleva and Elena Kokorska, drummer Deyan Dragiev - Dakata, saxophonist Petar Momchev, guitarist Mike DeLuka and drums programing Boyan Zlatkov - Barona and Vassil Vutev - Soulization.