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Fifteen - Buzz [LP] (Maroon Colored Vinyl, limited to 1000)

Jeff Ott, the leader of Fifteen, is one of punk-rock's most intriguing figures. Sexually abused as a child and homeless in his teens, Ott brought a personal perspective to such topics as pacificism, drug addiction, and racism that was a refreshing break from the doctrinaire rant 'n' cant that marred many a punk song, and his voice - while definitely untrained - lent his music a vulnerable, everyman touch. This record, the third by his band Fifteen, is reckoned by most to be their finest, and because it came out in 1994, it was only out on vinyl for a heartbeat, and therefore sells for inappropriately lofty sums. Real Gone's reissue of this classic East Bay punk album comes in maroon vinyl limited to 1000 copies!

01 World Starvation
02 Helter Smelter
03 Notion
04 Situations
05 I Keep On Tryin'
06 Question
01 Violation
02 Fifteen
03 Food Not Bombs
04 Predisposition
05 Abel's Song
06 In Our World