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Ff - Ffeeling [LP] (180 Gram, Pink Or Splattered Brown with Pink Or Black Vinyl, limited to 500)

Ff is an adventure into an alluring, vibrant synthesized world or aural pleasure; inspired by Adrian Sherwood, Bohannon, Daniel Miller, Don Cherry, Ffrank Zappa, Mekanik Kommando, Meredity Monk, P-Ffunk, Steve Reich and Todd Rundgren. Ffeeling is a massive range of sound Ffrequencies imploding into one another before quietly Ffading away only to return with explosions of Ffuzzed-out tones, squealing synths, pulsating beats and outlandish vocals. Imagine bit-crushed disco Ffiltered through Asmus Tietchens-esque experimentation that pulls your body towards the dance Ffloor.
''Artists drenched in mystique. Ff let us into their wonderfully weird world of scuzzy, psychedelic synthesisers and far out ambience... '' -Leftlion
''On ''Peggy Babcock'', I get my first pay off: a bloating bag of synthesizer bass, coated in psychedelic time-slur delay, waddling like a fat town mayor slowed by his lavish golden chains. Delicious... '' -ATTN:MAGAZINE
Ff is a music & art collaboration between Antronhy (Tony the Interpretive Dancer) & Dave W. (WHITE HILLS.) Antronhy has played drums for numerous bands (Bivouac, Punish the Atom, Julian Cope) throughout his career. It was during this time, that he was given the name Tony the Interpretive Dancer by Krist Novoselic (Nirvana.) His notorious dance moves can be seen in Nirvana's Live In Reading concert. Dave W. has been the driving force behind the internationally acclaimed band, WHITE HILLS. His guitar riffs and synth blips always guarantee a trip out to some unfound galaxy.
Tracking Listing:
1. Cloth Ears
2. Peggy Babcock
3. Double Dip
4. Stimulus Plan
5. Ibizian Wizard
6. Grand Dejeuner
7. Gold Plate Stanley
8. Pants Down Roly Poly
9. Jiggery Pokery