Felt - Felt 2: A Tribute To Lisa Bonet [4LP] (10 Year Anniversary Edition, Colored Vinyl, download)

4xLP color vinyl. Includes original album and instrumentals. Custom quad-fold jacket. Includes free digital download card. Instrumentals have never been released. 01: Reintroduction
02: Employees of the Year
03: Your Mans and Them
04: Lisa (Never Easty On My Nextel)
05: Morris Day
06: Dirty Girl
07: Early Mornin' Tony
08: Breaker Down Like A Shotgun
09: Marvin Gaye
10: Life Vegas
11: Bonet (Cement Angles)
12: Woman Tonight
13: Gangster Ass Anthony
14: The Biggest Lie
15: I Shot A Warhol
16: Reintroduction (Instrumental)
17: Employees of the Year (Instrumental)
18: Your Mans and Them (Instrumental)
19: Lisa (Never Easty On My Nextel) (Instrumental)
20: Morris Day (Instrumental)
21: Dirty Girl (Instrumental)
22: Early Mornin' Tony (Instrumental)
23: Breaker Down Like A Shotgun (Instrumental)
24: Marvin Gaye (Instrumental)
25: Life Vegas (Instrumental)
26: Bonet (Cement Angles) (Instrumental)
27: Woman Tonight (Instrumental)
28: Gangster Ass Anthony (Instrumental)
29: The Biggest Lie (Instrumental)
30: I Shot A Warhol (Instrumental)