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Failed Flowers - Faces [7''] (Vinyl)

Formed in 2014 during a summer spent obsessing about Sarah Records, Michigan band Failed Flowers are a shadowy group, evoking elements of C86, indie, pop and shoegaze. The current line-up coalesced in 2015 around guitarist/singers Anna Burch and Fred Thomas, bassist Erin Davis and drummer Miles Haney. This 7'' is the fruit of Failed Flowers' most recent sessions and represent some of their most evolved work.

''Faces'' is the first song Anna brought to the band, a wash of guitars and vocal harmonies that are somehow both quick and casual. More melodic than most of the band's recorded output, it walks in the same catchy territory as Anna's always-glowing solo work, though swimming through more waves of distortion.

''Broken Screen'' was described as ''The Strokes in a bar fight'' seconds after the lead vocals were put to tape, and the song zips along nervously with just that energy. One half jumpy, self-conscious punk and one half Flying Nun-esque grey skies pop and all Failed Flowers.
A: Faces
AA: Broken Screen