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F/I - Why Now Now?... Alan! [LP] (Vinyl)

Sorcerer Records present the reissue of Why Not Now?... Alan!, the debut LP from 1987 by Milwaukee space-rock gods, F/i. Available for the first time on vinyl since its initial release, it remains a holy grail item for lovers of cosmic rock n' roll sounds from underground Amerika in the 1980s. F/i had been churning out tape upon tape of experimental electronics since the early '80s. Influenced by krautrock (particularly Cluster, Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel) and the harsh noise of industrialists Throbbing Gristle and early SPK, by the mid '80s they morphed into a fully-fledged ''rock'' band, albeit one incorporating all of the above. This LP is the perfect synthesis of these sounds: grimy, lo-fi ''rock'' with elements of industrial clang and extended, Hawkwind-ish space-rock jams; from the two-step cosmic churn of ''Electric Waltz'' to the 'Neubauten-style bang and bash of ''Zombie Theme''. Remastered by Mikey Young. The sleeve replicates the original. Includes card; edition of 500.
A1. Number 27
A2. QR(Z)
A3. Nothing More Than A Hoax
A4. Electric Waltz
B1. Why Not Now?... Alan!
B2. Zombie Theme 3
B3. An Obesrvation: The Eye At The Top Of The Pyramid