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Evans The Death - Expect Delays [LP] (Pink Swirl Vinyl, limited)

Following up their excellent 2012 self-titled debut, Evans the
Death return now with their second album ''Expect Delays.''
Recorded again with producer Rory Atwell, the album bristles
with an underlying tension and veers from rip-roaring noise
to quiet contemplation, underpinned by Katherine Whitaker's
extraordinary voice.
Still barely out of their teens, there's a tremendous sense
across ''Expect Delays'' of a band coming into their own,
honing a plethora of influences to make a sound that is
uniquely them. Each song on the album has a different feel
to it: some of them are melodic and pretty; some of them
heavy and dissonant; and some of them are, to quote
guitarist Dan Moss, ''a bit strange''. While retaining the postpunk
and 90s alt-rock inspired elements that peppered their
debut, the music is more expressive, heavier and more
experimental, and the lyrics more nuanced, the sense of
despair leavened by sharp wordplay and humor.
The unsettling undercurrent of melancholy and hopelessness
that pervades the record has its roots in the last three years,
spent eking out an existence on the poverty line in
Cameron's Britain, leaving them with a succession of
minimum-wage jobs and unemployment benefits interviews.
As guitarist Dan Moss relates, the album is about ''being in
London and feeling hopeless and a bit lost. Not having any
money, relationships falling apart, things just not connecting
or going anywhere and getting absolutely wasted all the
More ambitious and focused than their previous record,
whilst sacrificing none of their spontaneity and vitality,
''Expect Delays'' is a supremely inventive and intelligently
crafted album from a band who have suffered for their art,
and used that experience to inform and nourish their work.
Expect no more delays, Evans the Death have arrived.
1. Intrinsic Grey
2. Terrified
3. Sledgehammer
4. Idiot Button
5. Bad Year
6. Just 60,000 More Days 'til I Die
7. Expect Delays
8. Enabler
9. Waste of Sunshine
10. Shanty
11. Clean Up
12. Don't Laugh At My Angry Face
13. Don't Beat Yourself Up