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Eureka The Butcher - ¡EUREKA! (LP + ) (Vinyl)

Vinyl LP pressing including digital . 2017 release from Eureka The Butcher, a collection of intense, involved tracks with deliberate arrangements and undefinable style. Artists and searchers long for that eureka moment - an illuminated instance of clear purpose and pure focus. For Eureka The Butcher, as for many, the light follows the dark: "I wrote a lot of this album at a very dark time in my life. I'd lost some very important people in my life and I was at my most insecure, personally and musically speaking. I had to remember where I come from, who I'd learned from. I was at a low point and I hadn't been applying my culture and my upbringing to my everyday life. But then I had a moment of clarity, and I started to feel better. I began remembering that I come from an incredible place, raised and taught by incredible people. Then I made some drastic decisions, including moving to Los Angeles. I also had a eureka moment in terms of workflow and approach." The album's multifaceted nature reflects Eureka's diverse inspiration. Modular synth music of the '60s and '70s. LA's rap, electronic, beat, and bass music scene. Hardware used to create the album dominates it's sonic profile, from synthesizers and outboard compressors to live percussion and tape delays. But the biggest influence is the music I grew up with: salsa, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, and fusion. These types of music taught me how to play... I gravitated towards what I know: psychedelia, fast bass, synth lines, Caribbean rhythms and extremely tight relationships between interwoven parts.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1. The Slow Rise
2. The Heaviness
3. El Maestro
4. The Formula
5. Know Time for Anything
6. Run Off on Me
7. Falling Short
8. Super Movements
9. Rap Songs (Featuring Sahtyre)
10. I Want That
11. Dunzo