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Escape-ism/Light Beams - Split [7''] (Vinyl) LP

A split single featuring Washington, D.C.'s Escape-Ism and Light Beams. The digital includes an extra track by each band.
Escape-ism is called ''the found-sound-dream-drama,'' ''the grieving widow of rock 'n' roll'' , the ''press
play and run away group'', the strrrripped down sound machine starring Ian Svenonius, star of Chain
& the Gang, singer in The Make Up, author of 'Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock 'n' Roll
Group.'' Its a single occupancy combo, a one banana bunch, the gestural rock 'n' roll provocation
which combines cave person poetry with beats and melody translated incorrectly from hieroglyphs
found in arch-pharaoh Cheops' triangle shaped record collection. Escape-ism is a bid at inciting longing for a past behind an IRON CURTAIN, and hope for a future in flames. Escape-ism -- hear it, fear
it, cheer it.''
Light Beams began in 2015 when Justin Moyer (Puff Pieces) -- influenced by 80s-era freestyle music
and Sheila E. -- started playing sampler and timbales with Sam Lavine, the longtime drummer of
D.C. hip-hop mainstays the Cornel West Theory. With the addition of bassist Arthur Noll the resulting polyrhythmic melange, sometimes called ''zap-tone'' or ''block rock,'' reinvents late-20th century
dance-pop using the tools of the 21st.
Escape-Ism: 1)?(Return?to?the)?Iron?Curtain??2)?Ready?or?Not?(Digital?only)?
Light Beams: 3)?Desiring?Creatures?4)?Blood?Moon?(Digital?only)