Endorphins Lost - Choose Your Way [LP] (limited to 500)

Finally, the long awaited destructive Northwest blast furnace ENDORPHINS LOST have twisted their minds around creating a devastating long playing record, forsaking the short fused eruptions of EP's and splits and creating a maelstrom of artistic despair and anger on their first LP. Combining the absolute heaviness of early NEUROSIS (Pain Of Mind, Word As Law-era) and the power violence paced vocals and drumming of CAPITALIST CASUALTIES, this monster of an album flies at you at warp speed, a nail bomb spitting political shrapnel, with complete force and recklessness. Not to be missed. Limited to 500 copies. -
1. Learn to Forget
2. Shut In
3. Zipper Gang
4. Warm Body Targets
5. God,Family,Football
6. Choose Your Way
7. Lash of Time
8. Nothing
9. Your Disease
10. Rambo Syndrome
11. Lesson Learned
12. Once in the Bloodstream
13. Facing the Knife
14. Torture Report