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Emile - The Black Spider / Det Kollektive Selvmord [LP]

LP version. Melancholic and mysterious, but at the same time strangely familiar. Combining surreal soundscapes with a distinct sixties-style songwriting, Emile's psychedelic loner folk debut comes together like a weird dream. A dream that shows a side of reality, too strange to observe in any other way. Driven by acoustic guitar and haunting arrangements, the frontman of The Sonic Dawn presents a unique backdrop, on which songs about death, life, loss, and fear of growing old melt together with a dystopian look into the near future of our civilization.
01. Birds Fall
02. The Black Spider
03. Weight of the World
04. Step Into the Universe
05. Life Upside Down
06. At se ud over sig selv
07. I Krystalkuglens Sk?r
08. Det Kollektive Selvmord
09. Bundlos
10. Undergangen
11. Spirer