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Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Punch The Clock [LP] (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, limited/numbered)

Costello & the Attractions Return to Mainstream Pop on Slick-Sounding 1983 Album

Half-Speed Mastered from the Original Tapes: Mobile Fidelity LP Digs Into Smooth Tones, Brassy Effects, Limber Bass Lines, Multiple Layers of Production

Includes Sparkling Top 40 Hit ''Everyday I Write the Book'' As Well as Timeless Political Songs ''Shipbuilding'' and ''Pills and Soap''

Razor-Sharp Wit, Concise Melodies on Display Throughout; Jazz Legend Chet Baker Guests

Costello's My Aim Is True, This Year's Model, Armed Forces, Get Happy!!, Almost Blue, Imperial Bedroom, and King of America Also Available from Mobile Fidelity on 180g LP

Punch the Clock is Elvis Costello & the Attractions' most British record, a return to mainstream pop craft loaded with clever barbs and insightful social commentary that nearly landed the headliner in serious trouble with government representatives. Produced by the English hit-making team of Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley, the jumpy and horn-accompanied 1983 effort includes Costello's first-ever American Top 40 hit (''Everyday I Write the Book'') and a smooth sheen that reinforces the material's commercial intent and catchy appeal.

Half-speed mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelity's numbered limited edition 1980g LP presents the hyper-literate fidelity and refined melodies in astonishing sonics, navigating the multiple layers of information, brassy effects, and background vocals to present a unified whole replete with stellar front-to-back depth. Akin to the reissue label's previous acclaimed Costello reissues, Punch the Clock is vastly improved, the opened-up perspective, pronounced instrumental separation, and textural clarity enhancing all the details within the grooves.

Fresh from making a country tribute album and a large-scale set flush with complex arrangements, Costello and Co. return to straight-ahead pop given a decidedly British accent and soulful backing vocals. Conscious of the Merseybeat sound and success of Dexy's Midnight Runners, Costello tints songs with new-wave characteristics, splashy horns, and spontaneous vocal-response support courtesy of female duo Afrodiziak, one member of which later attained fame with Soul II Soul. Steve Nieve's bounding piano lines dance throughout the arrangements, adding witty pizzazz and delicate allure to already-tuneful fare like ''The Element Within Her'' and ''Mouth Almighty.''

The more direct, hook-ready approach also manifests on numbers such as ''Let Them All Talk'' and ''Charm School,'' tunes that also illustrate the contrasts in romantic theme. While remaining deeply cynical, as was his longtime hallmark, Costello unfurls two compositions on which love and marriage are viewed in a positive light. Yet he spares no one, nothing, and minces no words with ''Shipbuilding'' and ''Pills and Soap,'' fare that remains revered in his native country as well as abroad.

For ''Shipbuilding,'' a brilliantly disguised 88s-clinking protest against war influenced by the Falkan Conflict, Costello enlists jazz legend Chet Baker to deliver a masterfully poignant, bluesy trumpet solo that echoes throughout the coda. On the hip-hop-inspired ''Pills and Soap,'' a thinly veiled metaphor addressing Britain's abusive sociopolitical state and royal officials, the bespectacled bandleader invents a thoroughly unique quasi-rap draped over a drum-machine beat and Nieve's bold piano chords. Bracing.

Track Listing:

1. Let Them All Talk
2. Everyday I Write the Book
3. The Greatest Thing
4. The Element Within Her
5. Love Went Mad
6. Shipbuilding
7. The World and His Wife
8. TKO (Boxing Day)
9. Charm School
10. The Invisible Man
11. Mouth Almighty
12. King of Thieves