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Elvis Costello - King Of America [LP] (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, limited/numbered)

Costello Teams With Musical Legends and Standout Producer T-Bone Burnett on Exemplary 1986 Album

Mastered from the Original Master Tapes: Mobile Fidelity LP Maximizes the Get-In, Get-Out, Live-In-the-Studio Immediacy and De-Congested Mix

Includes Introspective Songwriting Gems Such as ''Indoor Fireworks,'' ''Poisoned Rose,'' ''Brilliant Mistake,'' and ''Little Palaces''

Juggling Themes of Desire and Exile, Costello Strips Arrangements Down to Folk, Country and Pub-Rock Roots

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Elvis Costello spent the year prior to recording King of America embarking on a solo tour, usually accompanied by producer/singer-songwriter T-Bone Burnett. The pair's decision to collaborate on Costello's 1986 album came naturally, and the music sounds it - emotional, effortless, literate, seemingly uncomplicated. Credit, however, not only goes to the best batch of Costello originals since 1982's Imperial Bedroom, but to the literally awesome and awe-inspiring cast of musicians Burnett invited to participate.

Mastered from the original master tapes and pressed at RTI, Mobile Fidelity's 180g LP of this masterpiece broadens the live-in-the-studio intimacy and opens up the midrange, highs, and lows of Burnett's fabulously de-congested mix. Made with few overdubs or effects, King of America relishes organic approaches and faithful tones - as well as a vast spaciousness and balance not always evident on Costello's efforts with the attractions. Finally, Mobile Fidelity transports the listener to the semicircle of players that surrounded Costello in the studio, and highlights the benefits of the center-of-the-production miking technique employed on the singer's voice and guitar playing.

Given the brilliance of the performances, every music fan will want to be brought as near as possible to the purity of these sessions. A Hall of Fame-caliber list of instrumentalists accompany Costello, with Elvis Presley's T.C.B. mates Ron Tutt (drums), James Burton (guitar), and Jerry Scheff (bass) forming one band and drummer Earl Palmer (Little Richard), bassist Ray Brown (Oscar Peterson, Duke Ellington), pianist Tom Canning, and organist Mitchell Froom ready in waiting as another. Several of these musicians formed yet another band, joined by drummer Jim Keltner of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and John Lennon fame. Oh - and the Attractions make a guest appearance on one track.

King of America - the title reflective of the threads of intentional, thought-provoking contradiction throughout - would be exemplary if just for the troupe. Yet it's the combination of chemistry, ability, sonics, and tunes that propel this watertight platter to iconic status. Unconcerned with writing a radio hit or adhering to a single musical theme, Costello wrote a majority of the material on acoustic guitar and on piano, tapping his pub-rock and folk roots in turning out songs that remain some of the catchiest, introspective, and deep of his career. Cuts such as ''Indoor Fireworks,'' ''Poisoned Rose,'' ''Brilliant Mistake,'' and ''Suit of Lights'' epitomize Costello's inimitable manner of viewing adulthood, romance, and geographical transition through a transparent lens that blocks neither truth nor consequence.

As for the music? It swings (vide, Scheff's bass line on ''Lovable''), swishes (Keltner's brushes on ''I'll Wear It Proudly''), jumps (Brown's string bass on ''Eisenhower Blues''), swoons (''Poisoned Rose''), and shuffles (''Jack of All Parades''). There's truly not a bum track here, and now, experienced in such high fidelity, the genius of every contributor can be easily heard and felt. Akin to Mobile Fidelity's other Costello reissues, this is not to be missed.

Track Listing:

1. ''Brilliant Mistake'' - 3:45
2. ''Lovable'' - 2:53
3. ''Our Little Angel'' - 4:06
4. ''Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood'' - 3:22
5. ''Glitter Gulch'' - 3:17
6. ''Indoor Fireworks'' - 4:10
7. ''Little Palaces'' - 3:49
8. ''I'll Wear It Proudly'' - 4:25
9. ''American Without Tears'' - 4:34
10. ''Eisenhower Blues'' - 3:46
11. ''Poisoned Rose'' - 4:07
12. ''The Big Light'' - 2:33
13. ''Jack of All Parades'' - 5:18
14. ''Suit of Lights'' - 4:06
15. ''Sleep of The Just'' - 3:51 DON'T JUST LISTEN TO MUSIC EXPERIENCE IT.