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Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto [LP] (Vinyl)

The 1990s was a rich vein of classic hip-hop, especially on the East Coast, which rendered some of the greatest works from
the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Mobb Deep, and many others. Frequently lost in the genre's New York-centric history was
Boston's burgeoning hip-hop scene during the 1990s, spearheaded by working class Roxbury native Edward Anderson,
best known by his stage name Ed O.G Over the course of his career, which has spanned nearly 30 years, Ed O.G has
maintained an admirably strong cult following, and has gone on to work with contemporaries like RZA, KRS-One, Masta
Ace, Pete Rock, and Common, while touring the world over, and producing numerous solo and collaborative albums.
Ed O.G.'s illustrious career debuted in 1991, with the release of what is arguably his best known album, Life Of A Kid In The
Ghetto, a collaboration with his crew, billed as Da Bulldogs (which was actually an acronym for ''Black United Leaders
Living Directly on Grooving Sounds''), though Ed O.G was clearly the main event. An underrated classic in its own right,
Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto runs a gamut of sounds ranging from the introspective conscious hip-hop of ''Be A Father To
Your Child'', to the whimsical boasts of ''I'm Different'', to deeply political fare like the Ace & Quan and Def Jef-featuring
''Speak Upon It'', plastered across a backdrop of Joe Mansfield-produced sample-heavy soundscapes, which snatched clips
from deep cuts of James Brown, Roy Ayers, and The Delfonics, to name just a few. It also managed to generate Billboardcharting
singles out of tracks like ''Bug-A-Boo'', ''Be A Father To Your Child'', and ''I Got To Have It'', which would become Ed
O.G's signature track, and sample fodder for 2Pac, De La Soul, and DJ Premier.
Get On Down now presents Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto, an unheralded rarity of renaissance hip-hop, reissued on vinyl
for the first time since 1991. The audio has been remastered from its original tapes, so every bit and piece of Ed O.G's
masterpiece is crisp and clear on wax. An uncovered gem of 90s rap well worth a re-listen or first-time discovery, and a
sterling representation of Boston hip-hop.

A1. I'm Different A2. Speak Upon It (feat. Ace & Quan, & Def Jef) A3. Feel Like A Nut A4. I Got To Have It A5. She Said It Was Great A6. Dedicated To The Right Wingers
B1. Gotta Have Money (If You Ain't Got Money, You Ain't Got Jack) B2. Let Me Tickle Your Fancy B3. Be A Father To Your Child B4. Stop (Think For A Moment) B5. Bug-A-Boo B6. Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto