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Duke Ellington - Anatomy Of A Murder [LP] (180 Gram, Orange Vinyl)

By the time of Duke Ellington's engagement to write and record the music for Otto Preminger's Anatomy of a Murder, he was an elder statesman of jazz. He'd performed in, and contributed music to, various movies before, but those were almost all short subjects or B-musicals, or confined to a handful of numbers (Belle of the Nineties) -- Anatomy of a Murder, by contrast, was a four-star feature film with a first-class cast (led by James Stewart, Lee Remick, and Ben Gazzara) and director. He rose to the occasion, creating a virtuoso jazz score -- moody, witty, sexy, and -- in its own quiet way -- playful. Ellington naturally subordinated his music to the action in the film, but ''Midnight Indigo,'' ''Flirtibird,'' ''Happy Anatomy,'' and ''Sunswept Sunday'' (the latter highlighted by Jimmy Hamilton's clarinet theme) would have slotted in nicely in other contexts, on any of his standard albums.'' - Bruce Eder, allmusic.com

* 180g Orange Vinyl

Side A:
1. Main Title And Anatomy Of A Murder
2. Flirtibird
3. Way Early Subtone
4. Hero To Zero
5. Low Key Lightly
6. Happy Anatomy
7. Midnight Indigo

Side B:
1. Almost Cried
2. Sunswept Sunday
3. Grace Valse
4. Happy Anatomy
5. Haupe
6. Upper And Outest