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Drive-By Truckers - The Unraveling [LP] (Marbled Colored Vinyl, lyric booklet)

In the words of lead singer Patterson Hood, the album explores ''the duality between the generally positive state of affairs within our band while watching so many things we care about being decimated and destroyed all around us informed the writing of this album to the core.'' He also distinguishes that ''while a quick glance might imply that we're picking up where 2016's American Band album left off, the differences are as telling as the similarities. If the last one was a warning shot hinting at a coming storm, this one was written in the wreckage and aftermath. I've always said that all of our records are political but I've also said that 'politics is personal'. With that in mind, this album is especially personal.''

1. Rosemary with a Bible and a Gun
2. Armageddon's Back in Town
3. Slow Ride Argument
4. Thoughts and Prayers
5. 21st Century
6. Heroin Again
7. Babies in Cages
8. Grievance Merchants
9. Awaiting Resurrection