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Dr. Dundiff & Friends - Dr. Dundiff & Friends (Blue Marble Vinyl LP)

Limited blue vinyl LP pressing of this release from the Louisville, KY-based producer and lyricist. Includes digital . This album falls on the year anniversary of the Dr. Dundiff & Friends 2015 Forecastle performance. Immediately after the performance last year, Dr. Dundiff and all of his friends spent five full days of recording the whole Forecastle performance. Dr. Dundiff & Friends have captured the exact same show with the same live element, brought by the same musicians. This album has an 11-piece band, 14 rappers and a special cypher featuring everyone on the record plus a guest appearance from Jim James.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1. Shadowpact - No Comment
2. RMLLW2LLZ - Hot Summer Nights
3. Jack Harlow - 5-0
4. Kogan Dumb - Her+Art
5. Skyscraper Stereo - Hoodrat Things
6. Jalin Roze - Bucket
7. Dr. Dundiff - Dreams
8. Touch A.C. - the Valley of One Thousand Doubts
9. Skull Avalanche - Tower
10. Dr. Dundiff - Hoes Pray
11. State of the Art Remix Feat. Jim James