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Doomtree - False Hopes [LP] (limited) (Vinyl)

Limited vinyl reissue of 2007 album by the Minneapolis hip-hop collective, Doomtree. False Hopes were a series of mixtapes put out by Doomtree. This is the first one to feature the entire Doomtree crew.

Track Listing1. Flex2. Knives On Fire3. Traveling Dunk Tank4. A Candle In Chicago (Interlude) 5. Lucky6. Veteran 7. Slow Burn 8. I Should Cut Your Liver Out (Interlude) 9. Savion Glove10. Hot Monotony 11. A Hundred Fathers 12. Check Your Tuning (Interlude13. If & When 14. No Homeowners (Renter's Rebate)